480/720 Oast

Hop Drying Doesn't Get Easier Than This

Drying is Important!

Hop drying is the single most critical process in maintaining crop quality and can go bad in a hurry!  It's no joke which is why we refer to the drying process as "How to wreck your hops in 30 minutes or less."  Two critical components of proper hop drying are dryer design and airflow, both of which Bine Implement has tackled with two dryer designs for the hobby grower and the small commercial grower.      ​ ​

Bin Oast  
This dryer was designed over several years and features simple, easily obtainable components and will comfortably handle 50 pounds of dry product.  Perfect for the grower with several varieties on a small parcel, this dryer allows for up to 24 separate bins to keep varieties apart while maintaining proper air flow.  The Bin dryer also works well for the small commercial scale grower who is looking to practice drying on their young plants before they need greater capacity.      ​

​This dryer is designed to bridge the gap between hobby and intermediate commercial custom dryers.  While larger than the Bin system, the 480/720 is expandable by adding a second fan to accommodate more volume.  It will safely handle 1/3-1/2 acre of drying in a single batch and can be sub-divided to keep varieties separate.   In 480 mode the bed is filled to 2ft and requires a single Bine F40 fan operating at 14,000CFM and 1.5" W.C. while a 720 batch is filled to 3.5 ft and requires two fans.      ​

Bine F40 Custom Fan  
​Mistakes in estimating fan power and air volume are the number one cause of crop quality losses.  The F40 is a custom designed direct drive axial fan that is critical for proper air flow and the appropriate pressure drop. Pressure drop is the resistance to air flow imparted by the hop bed and has been extensively studied to ensure the F40 can provide the required force. The fan blades and hub are designed and built by the world's premiere high performance manufacturer in Denmark to Bine Implement's specifications and the chassis, motors, and assembly are completed in Wisconsin.  The unit can be supplied with either a single or 3-phase 7.5 horsepower motor.

What's the Fine Print?
Plans for the Bin Oast or 480/720 are available with a one week turnaround and are provided as a PDF via email. The cost of the 480/720 is $250, or complimentary with the purchase of at least one Bine F40 fan; should you decide to purchase the designs up front and choose to buy the fan later, we will credit the cost of the designs against your fan purchase at that time. The Bine F40 custom fan is $3,800 ( discounts available for two) plus shipping, built to order and requires 4-6 weeks from order to delivery. All orders require a 50% deposit.

Simply drop us a note at sales@bineimplement.com and one of our specialists will contact you to discuss the purchasing process. Since each fan is hand-made a down-payment secures the production slot. The balance is due at the time of shipping and typical fabrication requires 4-6 weeks.  The fan is shipped in 1 heavy-duty crate.  F40 fans are available year-round. ​

We are here to help you!  Technical staff can help dial in your oast settings and optimize the set-up.  We encourage each owner to test their oast prior to harvest season.  You will also receive helpful tips and tricks for your crop harvest and drying via our newsletters and information updates throughout the season.

I Have More Questions!
Really? But we've already told you everything! Feel free to send us a note at sales@bineimplement.com.

Bine Implement works with our customers to help them list equipment that they no longer use in their day to day operations.  While  we are happy to help connect sellers to buyers Bine Implement takes no responsibility for or financial liability in any of these arrangements.  All transactions are solely between the seller and buyer.

We currently have no used equipment to post.  Please check back soon!

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