Bine 3060

Hops Harvester

The Bine 3060 has experienced years of hard service in the field under all production conditions and we couldn't be more proud.  Being the first to offer a semi-mechanized solution presented challenges and rewards.  We feel great that we've helped so many small growers make a jump from test plots to 1 acre yards.  The 3060 was always intended as a stepping stone toward higher volume machines and it has served that niche well. 

Now that the marketplace offers numerous machines and or plans we feel that the time has come to focus on our attention on the next generation of hop drying and production equipment.  As of November 2015 Bine Implement will only be making the Bine 3060 available to contract growers of Gorst Valley Hops LLC.  We will continue to offer technical support, parts, etc to growers who own a 3060.

Growers may visit this page to view used 3060s for sale by owner.  If you have a machine that you would like to sell we're happy to post your information, pictures, and asking price so others may enjoy the ease of mechanical hop harvesting.

Please note that any purchases made through contacts on this page are at the sole discretion of the buyer and seller.  Bine Implement makes no guarantees or supports any warrantees on used equipment sales.

​Now In Limited Production

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